Car Diagnostics

Your Safety and time is Our Priority


Today’s vehicles are complex! You might be tempted to Google or ask a friend—but getting the right diagnosis from a specialist is critical. It will save you time and money!  And it could impact the safety of your vehicle. We specialize in automotive diagnostics and have the latest technology and highly trained specialists who know how to find out what is causing the most complex problems.

Now that’s peace of mind.

Our Diagnostic Services


proprietary diagnostic check

Price: Free
How Long?: 1 hour

We think it’s so important for you to get a professional opinion on your car, that we’ll give it to you free of charge.


Check Engine Light Diagnostic

Price: Free
How Long?: 1 hour

Wondering what that light means on your dashboard? Don’t just depend on your friend or neighbor for an answer. Come to the pros at AAMCO, and we’ll get you the right answer in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my check engine light on?

The check engine light in a modern vehicle is an indication that the car’s computer has detected an issue with one of the hundreds of subsystems that make your car run. This tells a technician that additional information needs to be gathered by a highly trained professional using the industry’s latest technology.  If your check engine light is on, we suggest bringing your vehicle to your local AAMCO repair shop for a full diagnosis of the issue.


Can’t I just use an OBD-II Code Reader from my friend or local auto parts store?

Our customers often ask us why they should have their car diagnosed by the AAMCO experts, when they  can just use an OBD-II code reader at their house or a local auto parts store. The answer is simple: expertise. The OBD-II code provides valuable information about which system in particular is causing an issue, but it does not tell the whole story about exactly what the problem is, why there is an issue, and how it can be fixed.

As an example, when you turn on a light switch and the light doesn’t come on, you know that the light isn’t working, but you don’t know whether it’s just a dead light bulb, a problem with the switch, a bad wire, or a power outage.  Your car presents the same problem, but it is much, much more complex. That’s why we recommend getting the opinion of an expert!